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        This production is white, non-finalizing design powder, a little salty, no smell. It is easy to dissolve moisten in water. The consistency of cumulus is 0.65-0.75/ml.

        Chondroitin sulfate is classified as a type of glycosami-noglycan , a kind of nutrition materials & natural supplement.It is rich in sulfur and is related to glucosa -mine ,which is effective in anti-aging. The product is superfine , through further-processing, and used for curing nervous, neuralgia, hemicrania , areriosclerosis. It help restore joint function in people with osteoar-thritis. Inaddition, it may lower blood cholesterol levels to prevent excesslve blood clotting and reducethe risk of atherosclerosis and heart attacks and so on.

Appearance Light Yellow Powder or White Powder
Smell Slight Speacial Smell
Clarity Clean
Optical Rotation -20.0~-30Degree
Consistency 0.50~0.80
Loss On Drying <10.0%
Water Content 6.0~10.0%
Purity >85%~95%
Mucopolysacchride 20~30%
Sulfur Content <5%
Chloride <0.5%
Heavy Metal(Pb) <20ppm
Yeast And Mould <100cfu/g

Usage: Raw material for medical and health care goods.
Package: N.W.25kg/cask or packing according to the customer's requirements.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place ,keep away from direct strong light.



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